A Summer Motra Gathering!!

Suddenly and quickly getting together. Yep that is what happened. 
Switer came over, then we got Wendy to come, then Krysta was staying and invited and had Remi come…and then the next day:
Motra Wendy’s new baby Adelaide. BABY! 5 weeks old! 

Krysta Whitmore aka Motra Cox! 
We set out a bunch of new snacks. 
Yep, that’s Remi Richards, AKA Motra Brundage (Bruna)! 
Yep, that’s Wendy Weitzel aka Motra Uendy Carr. 
Wendy’s cutie pie kids, Amelia and Jude.  
Bruna’s third little girl, Jessica Richards, she is 3 or there abouts and she was so much fun! 
Mirah struggling to pose. 

Nicholas Richards, about 1. SO cute. Just Luke’s age and as sweet as can be! 

Shena Switzer aka Switzy. Taking a turn with lady Adelaide
Buddies forever! 

Meanwhile over here, Reese, Wendy’s oldest boy, getting board of pictures and babies. And of course our lovely Karen being cute and ready to get outside and get wet! 
Reese is 7, and a barrel of monkey’s. 
It is odd with HUGE gaps between meetings to see these wonderful women with huge life changes in between. I haven’t seen Bruna since her wedding. 
Now she is a mom of 4. 
Meanwhile, the kids are so cute! 
Having a blast over in the pool.
Sweet little Jude. 
And his hugely wet diaper. So CUTE! 

Karen, Ameilia and Mirah having fun in the sun! 

Here comes Jude! 
I LOVE this boy. I can’t believe how grown up he is getting. 
Jessica was so fun and cute. She had so much energy and she was a little shy of the other kids. 
She was just so lovely and cute. She played with all of the toys, she did everything and really got the whole experience. 
Wendy, such a wonderful beautiful mama. 

It was so nice to sit and chat and catch up a little. 

Nicholas and Lucas are just about the same age, and it was fun to watch them interact. 

Trying to get a group shot with of the kids…

It didn’t go great…
So we just got some cute pics in smaller groups. 

Here come a million of Karen, Amelia and Mirah. 
Each one just has such a cute little detail, I couldn’t decide which one to put up so I put them all. 
Jude and his mama. 
I wish all of these women lived near by. 
As is:
Krysta: Lives in Nevada
Wendy: Lives in Texas
Switzy: SLC
Bruna: Michigan 
Me: Here. 
Here’s hoping to be together again someday! 

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