Visiting Grandma and Grandpa

After meeting up with Cam and KP for lunch, we went with Mom to go and visit Grandma and Grandpa Barainca. It had been over a year for me. We were coming up to Grandma’s death date in less than a week, and I know Mom’s mind is always on her this time of year.

We talk often about how much we were missing her.
So on that sunny afternoon, we brought Grandma a flower, and Grandpa a flag. 

Only as I read these dates did I realize that neither one of them got to meet Lucas. 
They both would have loved him. 
The mood was somber, and sad as Mirah talked about what she remembered about them both. 

I was in a bummed mood the rest of the day. 
Thankfully Karen and Krysta were at the house to cheer us up.
ALSO, Bob Ross, Beauty is Everywhere was just added to Netflix and no on can feel too bad while watching that man paint. 
Perfect afternoon. 
These cuties. 

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