The 4th of July

I am so happy to be back to Utah for the 4th of July!!

And SOOO happy to be with this lovely Mama! 

Love this picture.
Love these two. Nothing like being away from the ones you love to make being back together again seem like the most special wonderful thing in the world!

What 4th of July is complete with out some FIREWORKS!!!

Mirah pose!

After going out to get fireworks we came home to be with Maryn and Theo! It was also time for Lukey’s nap. Grandma Pippy got a puzzle out for Mirah to play with. Mirah LOVES puzzles and Grandma was amazing about giving her lots to do while we were away.

Mirah was doing awesome. Grandma was always ready to jump in and give Mirah some extra support and guidance.

Maryn and Theo, keeping it real, taking it easy. They took a page from Lucas’s book, and took a nap.

After everyone had napped, we headed down to Provo for the Freedom Festival.
Cutie Mama, always up for a street fair!

It was a hot but pretty day.

Oh did I mention, KP was there too.
We were all having a nice time together.

Oh my Lucas.

In his cute American Flag shirt and red shorts given to him by his sweet Grandma.

Little boy in action. 

We went over to get snow cone. Sweet mama bought them all for us. She is so sweet and generous. 

While we waited for our delicious treats we kept ourselves busy.

Snow cones up!


Lucas was upset he didn’t have his own. I would have to be happy to share with me and his dad.

I put Tajin on mine…YUM!

It was HOT. So after sufficent walking around we headed back to the house to get some patriotic family pictures! 
First the Pipkin Hites! 


Then the Pipkin ladies and Theo 

Love this girlie!

Then me and my lady.

We got started on making a traditional 4th of July BBQ!
Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and watermelon. We kept it super simple, and we still had lots left over.
We added another few family members to the day.
Betsy and Nick and Rosie and Ginger came over for dinner.


with her mama


with her Dad.

Mirah finding new and interesting ways to eat her hamburger.

Also in a cute outfit from her sweet and generous Grandma.

Did I mention that Lucas LOVES hot dogs.
Like HARD. If I am feeding him, he is eating.

Later out on the curb.
Sparkler time!!!

Smoke bombs!

Lucas was pretty unsure about all the loud noises.
Luckily Aunt Krystin was there to provide some sweet love and protection.

I mean look at that hair! It is MAGICAL!

We also did some of those snakes.

Even though we started pretty early, it was getting late for these little ladies!

These parents living the easy life while two of their kids were out of town. 😉 JK, they were in the middle of packing up and moving their entire life.

As I sat and watched some more ground flowers and little fountains I noticed this little hand on my arm. So chubby, so perfect.

Karl still busy lighting!

Mirah’s ears getting tired of the noise.

Lucas just getting tired. 

We were all but done with our fireworks.

Betsy, Nick, Maryn, and Krystin were gone. Lucas was in bed.
We did some cleaning up, and then I noticed Mirah’s hands.

My cutie pie.
Just a really nice and relaxing Independence day. 

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