Back with my Babies: Lucas is Walking!

Oh my goodness! OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! 
SOOOOOO happy to be home! 
When we drove into Orem at 10:30, I imidiately ran up to kiss my babies.
ANNNNNNNDDD, neither one of them budged. Mirah rolled over after I kissed her and hugged her a bunch at told me she was trying to sleep. Lucas was also dead asleep. He didn’t budge. My kisses and hugs could have landed on a dolly. It would have made as much a difference.

The next morning however I couldn’t stop kiss these faces.
Mirah was up first. She came in and jumped and jumped on my bed early the next morning and despite my terrible jet lag I was awake and giggly with my little lady.

We got right into presents! I started by giving Mirah my left over parka from Niagra. And Karl said I wouldn’t get another use out of it. 

In addition to the signs that Krysta had at the air port, and the sign on the garage door coming into the kitchen,

(isn’t it amazing? That is welcome home in 7 different languages!)
there was this one that my mom and Mirah made for us. 

Awoken by all the racket of giggles in my room my sweet sleepy Lucas soon joined the fun. 
He got some of his gifts, including his greek slippers, and just sat and smiled as I hugged and kissed his soft sweet face. 
It was a slow day.
I just can’t believe how much they have both changed. 
Including this:
Yes, Lucas is fully and totally walking. 
WALKING. He is Walking!!
SO wonderful to be home. I love these kids so much. 

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