Saturday in Warsaw- Day Two

Totally exhausted but ready for an adventure we got onto the train to the airport.
We had internet, sometimes in Europe, so we were able to SOMETIMES navigate to where we were going. 
Happy to be in a new country, a new city, on a new adventure. 
Here is my snap chat video…
Our first stop:
The Palace of Science and Culture.

The locals lovingly call it Stalin’s Penis. 

We hadn’t even been in Warsaw an hour and we were already there!

It was a communist era building and to me the statues were the biggest indicator of that.

We walked around the entire building. And as we prepared to enter…
I saw this flower bed:

That is the same Creeping Jenny that I have in front of my house! It was so cool to see!

That the entrance…this little girl loves spiders.

We got in line and got tickets to get up to the top.

We had our carry on with us. We had to put it in a locker in the basement before we could go to the top. While we were down there we got some polish money from an ATM and ate at the cafe.

My lunch of Chicken Goulash potatoes and salad with fresh dill on top.

We were super stoked to find that Poland had Coke Zero!

Karl got a fried pork chop with potatoes and a salad.

We each got a delicious pastry to finish off the first real meal of our trip.

After our lunch we too the Elevator up to the top.

Thinking of Mirah and Lucas when we got to the top.

All that red brick in the middle, that is old town. Our next stop.

One more smile at the top! 

Looking at the stuff at the gift shop. 

Once we were out we walked hand and hand down this old tiled lane. 

Warsaw is a wonderful modern city. It had an awesome public transit system of Trains, Trolleys, and buses. We had NO problem getting around and knowing where we were going.

There were bike share platforms all over town and great bike infrastructure. 
And is super pedestrian friendly. 

With very little trouble we were in old town. 

Most of these building had to be rebuilt after World War II. The bombing was so terrible. 

This is Sigmund’s Column.
It too was rebuild after the war, but was first built in the 16th century. 

This area is called Castle square. 

Once surrounded by a huge brick wall. 

Buddy Cardinal. 

The narrow streets and colorful buildings were so lovely. 

This little kids playing the accordion.
As we approached he started to play and gave me a smile.
As we passed and it was clear we were not going to pay him the music stopped abruptly and his smile quickly faded. 

The local vendors sold lovely jewelry. I wanted to buy everything for my mom. 
Around this point we were handed this flyer. 
You saw right:
“Probably the best dumplings in the Old Town area.”
We decided that was convincing enough and we went to try them. 

I had a fresh mint lemonade. It was SOOO good and refreshing.
The only place in Europe that we got some ice!

Our Perogies arrived delicious and covered in bacon.

I also purchased my first (of many) kinder eggs of the trip. 

We saw this promotional poster for Finding Dory and it made me miss the kids and my mom.
They went to go see this movie on that day together.

After lunch, we took a walk around the wall. 

It was such a lovely part of the city. There were street  vendors and music groups singing loudly.

There were horse drawn carriages.

Ice Cream for sale.

It was just lovely.

We found a little shop and stopped to buy some water.
Then I found this:


We saw the Holy Cross Church from the outside.

It was right across the street from the Monument from the Monument to the Fighters of the Polish uprising.

In an effort to find the Museum of Polish Jews, we found this lovely park.

We walked through a Saturday market in the park and a huge local book fair.

This is the Monutment to the Battle of Mount Cassino

There was even a little dog park area too.

It was at this point when I turned to Karl and said, “I could live here.”
We got on the trax and road around for a little while, resting our already sore feet. 

Off out in the distance there you can see the football stadium. 

After a little ride we got off to find an outer wall memorial to the Warsaw Ghetto. 

A diagram of the Ghetto. 

We made it to the Memorial to the Victims of the Warsaw Ghetto. 
It was right in front of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

It is an awesome building. 
We dropped off our bags at the coat check and picked up our audio guides. 
The history of the Jews in Poland was LONG and important. 

Karl working on a puzzle.

A beautiful golden eagle sword.

One of the most lovely and impressive exhibits in the museum.
This is a replica of the ceiling of the destroyed Gwozdziec Synagogue.

My favorite image:

An explanation:

A replica of the Throne of the Polish King.

We both took a turn.

A recreation of what Warsaw looked like before the war. 

Then holocaust items. 
It’s common knowledge the 6 million people were murdered by the Nazi’s during WWII.
Most of those people were Jews.

3 million of those Jews were Polish.

To put that into perspective, that is every man woman and child in Utah.
That is just the Jews killed from Poland. 
The overarching message for people who visit here is that life for the Jews of Poland is looking ever brighter. 

We stopped in the gift shop and got a few things. 
 Jan Karski, a Polish World War II-era resistance fighter

We had a quiet ride back to the air port. 

We made a bit of a confusing transfer at the stadium but were helped by a nice guy going our way and made it just fine. 

Back at the airport we had some fun. 
Got on the plane. 
It was the best flight of the trip. I slept the entire 3 hours to Athens. No dumb babies screaming anywhere. 

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