The Journey Europe-Day One

Excited and invigorated to finally be on the road, we got to the air port nice and early.
The night before we left we sat and explained to Mirah again that we would be gone. She asked us to take something with us to remember he by. She gave us her little Anna dolly. So you will see us with lots of pictures with Anna in them.
Here is the first. Saying goodbye to Utah.

Thanks to Malia to the lift to the airport.

We had a cheap greasy breakfast at the airport.  

Thinking of Mirah and Lucas TONS. I was missing them and starting to fret. 
Our wait was actually pretty short. 
The first leg of our Journey, SLC to Torronto Canada took about 4 hours. 
Thus began some weird sleeping positions. 
We were in seats that couldn’t lean back and this jerk needed to be as far back as he could be. Which made for a pretty terrible 4 hours for me. 
It seemed worse because the kid in front of Karl didn’t lean back at all. 
We got to Toronto and getting back into the Terminal too FOREVER.  
The line was SLOW and huge. And the air in there was hot and stale. 

It really only took an hour to get through security, and we had a 5 hour layover so we had plenty of time to get to our terminal. We had thought about going into the city for a minute, but it would have taken 40 minutes to get into town, another 40 to get back, then it would take another unknown amount of time to get through security… we just gave up and found a place to eat in the airport. 
We ate here:
I found a table while Karl ordered and middle eastern Boopy came by! 
So we got the classic Canadian french fry dish, poutine. 
Basically french fries with dark brown gravy, white cheese curds, and bacon on top. 
They were pretty good. 
Not good enough to ever order again. But good, and good for a try. 
We got a couple of delicious big burgers. 
Even though my body was getting farther from my heart (my children) I had my sweat heart with me so I was anxious but okay. It wasn’t hard to enjoy myself with Karl by my side. 
Mom sweetly sent me this picture via Snap Chat, assuring me that everything was going great. 
I sent this one back to from the air port for Mirah, via Instagram, to show her she was on my mind. 
Finally getting on the plane! 

Here I will give you a note on the airline: LOT Poland. 
It was NOT GREAT. 
I had a TV. But it was constantly freezing and breaking. 
There was a USB port, but it was broken. 
There were games to play, but the remote controller was broken. 
Broken, I mean totally useless, but the bright light on the front never turned off. 
No window  shields. but window dimmers. You are at the mercy of any duche on the plain while everyone is trying to sleep. It was light the whole time we were in the air. We just skipped night. It was kind of trippy. 
This meal was ok. I got the beeg with potatoes and veggies. And a roll. 
Karl got the chicken and noodles and it was not good. 
At breakfast time they gave us one of these things. 
A sando and a yogurt. 
We were in another back row, but were able to lean back thankfully! 
BUT we were seated right by the bathroom and so Karl who was on the aisle, was getting knocked out of sleep through out the night. I was sitting behind two loud little kids who wouldn’t shut up or hold still. I was also squished up next to a stranger. Which SUCKED. 
I was able to watch like parts of a few movies. Eddie Eagle, The Book Thief, and we even watched Kung Fu Panda 3 together. Even though it was really hard to control and I was at the total mercy of the terrible player that worked about 50% of the time. 
We got to Warsaw at 9:00 AM local time. HAPPY to be off the plane, totally un-rested. 

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