A Day with Mama

Mom came in a couple of days early to come and spend some times with the kids so they didn’t freak out when we left. Now just because she was here to spend time with our kids, didn’t mean she couldn’t spend time with her other kids and grandbabies too!
So for lunch our first day with mom we went to one of mom’s favorite lunch spots, ZUPAS! 
(sorry mom, not a great pic of you but the only one I had of the stop)
After lunch we went to visit Kelly and the boys and babysit for a little while and play together of course. 
My kids always like an outing and were excited to play with their cousins. 
Mirah and Sloan get along very well. It is fun to see them become friends as they get older. 
See them in action:
Meanwhile back inside little Reese had woken up from his nap and was getting some good snuggle time with grandma. 
And Grandma was LOVING it! 
All the kids inside getting comfy and me saying, “Sloan get away from the TV!”
Just toasting up some watermelon. 
Then the kids did some Yoga. At the kids Yoga YouTube channel. 

I don’t know how…but this happened!!!
While grandma read a book to the rest of the kids Reese decided to walk around. 

The only downside to this lovely afternoon…afternoon rush hour traffic. 
Still, I wish we would get together more. 

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