Q town Sunday with the Quad copter

Looking for a nice place to relax on a Sunday afternoon and for Karl to fly his new quadcopter.
The big Qualtics Lawn was the perfect place.

Our first stop was to get a drink before we headed outside. 

At first we were all eyes on the copter.
SUCH a beautiful afternoon! 
Mirah was suddenly out of sight, and then I saw her peaking around the corner. 
“What are you building baby?”
“Fairy houses.”
My creating little cutie. 
Lucas. Looking at at putting his new toy through it’s paces. 
Mirah wanted to take a turn! 
It had to be hand over hand. 

Then it was Lucas’s turn to play in the dirt. 
This is me saying, “What do you got Luke?”
“No, no, no don’t eat that!” 
“Karl! Get the rock out of his mouth!”
Here comes dad. 
Enjoying the sun. 
And hugs from my baby boy. 

Love Sunday’s and my family. 

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