Farmers Market and Cameron’s House

We are less than a week out from our big trip to Europe and we thought it was about time to see Maryn, Krystin and Cam and the rest of the Salt Lake gang.
We picked Maryn at her place and then headed out to the farmers market at Pioneer park.
Maryn and Mirah squished in the back. 
Cuties…Maryn seemed to be acting a little extra silly. 

Speaking of cuties. Here is Lucas in a little sweater that I absolutely love with the man man I absolutely love. 
We got a great parking spot and walked right across the street to the farmer’s market. 

First big purchase…kettle corn!

I love all of the cutie little kids that perform at the farmers market. This kid with his cello. 

after half a cycle around the market
Look who we found!
KP and her buddies. She had been having car trouble that morning, so they sweetly were helping her out. 
The rain that had been sprinling all morning began to pickup. 
Lucas didn’t seem to mind. 
We too a bit of cover…
and bought some delicious (if not a little light on the cream) cream fruit tarts. 
Maryn had a good idea about keeping dry. 
Mirah followed suit. 

Karl and Lucas enjoying a tart. 

Trees dropping seeds on us. 

Lets go to the CLERB. 

After the farmers market we went to go and see Cam and the boys at his place. 

Grandma Debbie came by to say hi to her little guys. 

Reese looking so grown up!!!

We left for home and nap time. 
It was so nice to see my family. 

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