Happy Early Father’s Day – Quadcopter

So while we were out today I got a call from Karl. He was home, and wanted to know where we were. We were on our way home anyway, so we got home quickly and found him flying his little quadcopter on from the porch. It then dawned on me why he was home. He had been tracking a package and saw that it had arrived. What was the package?
His Fathers day present:
A brand new beautiful quadcopter 
He was so excited he ripped the box right open and went right to work flying! 

All set up and ready to go! 

This is not an act. This is REALLY what his face looked like as he flew his new toy. 

In Action:
The girls had fun running after it and laughing, but decided to go out back and play in the water instead of continuing to watch. 
More summer fun! 

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