Duckies with the Whitmores

After swim lesson this morning we headed over to the park to feed the ducks. Between Krysta moving and the millions of BBQ’s we have had lately we have TONS of left over hot dog and hamburger buns.

We had a picnic and then went to feed these little beauties. 

The girls were so slow and deliberate with every bread crumb. 
Cutie Kare Bear. 

There were TONS of ducks and fish today. 
The orange in the water are FISH! 
There were bunches of other kids there. They were trying to catch baby ducks and fish with empty bread bags. 🙁 Right after I took this picture there a little gardener snake appeared and the kids all freaked. It was so cute. 
Lucas started to get a bit…tired, so we called it a day. 
On a side note, he LOVES Krysta, maybe more than me. 
He just loves her so much! And she is just so wonderfully willing to love him back. 

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