The Splash Pad

The weather has been SOOOOOO hot this weekend. 
We have been out in the yard every day trying to beat the heat, but there have been other ways too. 
Like visits to the splash pad at the river woods. 
Lucas’s first time was not…great. 
He came out and sunggled with me for a while. We went and got a Dole whip. That seemed to make him happy. 
Malia met us there. They have been out of the house lots this weekend because the carpets were taken out. Yeah, no carpet, in the whole house. Malia and one of the sweet ladies. I want to say…Ginger.
Mirah loved the water as much as ever. 
Then Karen arrived. 
Things got silly pretty quickly. 
Mirah was in and out. 
We stayed for quite a while.

Lucas and his best friend Krysta were very happy together. 

Krysta sweetly decided to take Lucas in again, it was a little more successful. 

He was kind of getting the idea. 

Yeah buddy.

Mirah kept getting in and out.
This was another one of her out moments.
Malia and the kids had been to the movies too. They had some popcorn left over, Mirah took it as if it were her own. 

Me and Ginger maybe. 

They were all back in again. 
These cuties. 
The gang. 
Look for us at a splash pad near you! 

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