Date Night Downtown

Krysta always eager to help us out, was super cool about babysitting for us on Friday night so we could go out and have a date. 

We went to down town Provo to enjoy some of the delights Center street offers.
We went to Damai for dinner. It’s a Japanese restaurant that we used to go to all of the time.
We had sushi and gyoza. 
There were tons of things on sale on the street. The Vietnamese place was selling bahn mi ready made for 5 bucks. Karl got one.

Then I wanted a fancy waffle.
Just guess, how much this cost?

It is a chocolate filled waffle with a speculoos flavored ice cream scoop on top.
Good, but WAY too expensive. I would not do it again.

The street was totally full with concert goers, it was the rooftop concert that night. It was a David Bowie tribute band.  

Having had enough of that noise (It’s the real thing or nothing for me) we went into Comedy Sportz.

We got settled and ready for the show. 

And so it began.

The night was so much fun. 

We were laughing and laughing the whole time. 

“My name is Derick, that’s like Erik with a D”
This is Bomicio-
SO amazing. 
We came home well fed and happy. 
Love having fun nights out with my sweetheart. 

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