The Bunny Play

I sadly only got ONE picture of the Bunny Play. 
I will have to paint you a work picture. 
Krysta moved in with us this week. She has had LOTS going on so we have been taking care of Karen a bit during the day. “Taking care of Karen” of course is a very loose way of saying that Mirah and Karen play together happily without me or my help.” It has been so fun. The girls play tons together and it is so cool to see how creative Karen is. She makes Mirah feel so important and valued. 
So I was doing something, and the girls asked to do “crafts.” I am always trying to avoid a mess, but I thankfully relented and brought the girls scissors and construction paper and art supplies and left them to their own devices.  I came upstairs to the front room and was seemingly littered with construction paper. The girls assured me that it was all a part of the play that they were working on . They wanted to show me their play, but I said they should show it to me and Krysta when she got home. 
Krysta got home and could tell that the paper was stressing me out, so they cleaned up a little bit. There were still two bunny puppets under the table, in their bed. (As pictured above)
When Karl got home the girls finally put on the play. 
The story was basically this. There were two bunnies who lived together in a bunny hole. A blue bunny and a purple bunny. Every morning they woke up and smelled something funny. It smelled like carrots. SO strongly. Every day they would go on different journeys to try and find the carrots. Every day they would find some carrots, but they were always far away and in places that were unexpected. The resolution of the story was that the reason that they were smelling carrots every morning was that there were tons of carrots hiding under their beds. 
They were both so cute and happy with themselves. I love these little girls.  
A week later I found this pile of constuction paper with this on the bottom of the pile:
It was the bunny map to the carrots. How did this go into the story? I have NO idea. But it is SO cute. 

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