Baby Pool Party, Lucas’s First Time!

Things have been warming up lately.
We have been out in the pool out back basically EVERY day this week.
Little Lucas even had his first big dip in the pool!
Mirah was excited to have a playmate.

Like really excited. 
Maybe too excited. 
Splash splash splash. 

Such a nice moment in time. 

Wow wow wow!
I love this little lovely sweet happy boy!!
I mean look at those eye lashes!!! 

Then there is this little ragamuffin. 
This long wild mermaid hair! 
This swim suit still fits:
This was two summers ago. 

Lucas is a lucky guy, we defiantly have upgraded. 
No splashing in tubs on the front porch. 
Isn’t she so perfect???

My boys. 

Me and my lady. 

We kept the backyard time going with some BBQ pizza. 
Karl the chef.
Mottz ans shredded pork for topping. 
Summer weather is here. 
And we are LOVING it! 

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