Breakfast at Joe’s

So, going out to eat with our little Lucas has become increasingly difficult. 
So going out to breakfast the other morning was a big win for us! 
What better place than our favorite Orem greasy spoon, Joe’s Cafe. 
The line was unfortunately a little long that morning. 
Mirah and I had fun looking at all the pictures on the wall and wishing we were could be on the wall. 
With a little longer than average wait, we at last got our food. 
These silver dollar pancakes were worth the wait! 
This is all Mirah needed to be super happy! 
Lucas loved the pancakes too. 
He also ate every last bite of the buttery sweet grits. 

This time I ordered the biscuits and gravy.
It was not good. 
The biscuts were WAY too sweet. 
The sausage was SUPER overcooked and hard and the chuncks were WAY too big. 
The gravy was good, and nice and peppery. But there was just WAY too much of it. 
I might be over Joe’s for a while. 

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