Mirah’s Birthday -Pre Party Fun and Preparations

‘Twas the night before Mirah’s birthday and all through the house, there was an almost birthday girl going crazy…like a mouse?
After bath time, Mirah was ready for braids and her new birthday Jammys! 
Pose Fail. 
At 1:39 AM- on Tuesday May 17 2016, Mirah turned 4!!!
Bright and early that morning we were up, and on our way. 
We went to our favorite Lindon/Pleasant Grove donut shop… Daylight Donuts.
Mirah was really excited about the breakfast choice, she sang all the way. 
Milk and Donuts. 
Pink Sprinkle Cake… Mirah’s favorite. 

We went to the Kangaroo Zoo with her Preschool, and I have a post all about that coming next. 
After the Kangaroo Zoo, we went out to lunch, and her choice, McDonalds, for a real happy meal and play time at the play place with her dad. 
After lunch was Luke’s nap and time for Mom and Mirah baking time!
Yep keeping the number cookie tradition alive! 
Me and my little helper making what turned out to be totally delicious sugar cookies. 

I was running around like a crazy person getting dinner ready the amazing Krysta and Karen came over and saved my bacon and the cookies by making the frosting and decorating the cookies with the girls before the party began. 

It was PARTY time. 

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