Mirah’s Birthday Kangaroo Zoo

So for the last week of preschool, Mirah’s class went to the Kangaroo Zoo. 
It was so fun that it ended up being on her birthday! 

Mirah was really excited to be there with her friends! 
Ruby, Lucy, Liluette. 
Waiting in line is BORING. 
Let me take this chance to mention Mirah’s special birthday outfit. 
We went to Target together a couple weeks before, and she was SO excited to pick out a special outfit for her own special day. 
Let the running begin! 

While Mirah and her friends ran up and down the slides and were screaming and giggling with delight, Lucas and I were quietly playing in the baby area.
Lucas was having a blast. 

Mirah and her buddy Seiena.

Miss Julanne and the birthday girl. 
We had a blast.

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