Bye Bye Aunt Adam

Between being sick, and it being Adam’s last night with us, we made our last trip with him for Sunday Dinner at Q town.

Lucas was having a blast on these things. 

Early on Monday morning I came downstairs to say bye to Adam and I found this:
It was Mirah’s brithday Eve, and she was having breakfast with Aunt Adam. 

He had written Mirah a birthday note. 
These are the flowers. 
I tried to get Mirah to smile at me with her flowers, but she was all eyes for the flowers:

Sweet uncle Adam. 

He waited by the window for his ride to the air port. 
He had been up since 3 AM. He was so excited to get to Alaska, and be with Belle.
We are with out guests for a few weeks.
Missing these crazy kids already. 

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