Betsy’s Birthday

Happy birthday to Betsy!
We met up at Los Hermonos for lunch with the WHOLE gang. 
The trick with big groups is it takes forever to get your food, so once the chips and salsa were gone, the kids began to play. 
Then my meal came. 
I might have over ordered. 

Karl with the Nachos, they were HUGE. 
Mirah with the over priced kids plate. 

Lucas went to town on some beans. 

The birthday girl with her fried ice cream treat. 

We hung out for a while, then went home to get the kids in bed. 
The back to the Reddoch’s house, for some games. 
Rosie was having a hard time going to sleep. 
It was a long complected game. 
Still a fun game, and fun to be together. 
Happy Birthday Betsy. 

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