May Kinderstudio

So the theme of the May Kinderstudio was the artwork of Wayne Thiebaud. 

Krisanne showed us the artist himself.

We read a book with some of his images with a counting theme.
We counted ice cream cones. 

Candied apples. 

We then saw another group of his art. 
Like this one: 
Three Machines.
And this one:
Four Ice Cream Cones. 
After the art lesson, we went to the kitchen for the hands on lesson .

This time, there were three stations. 
First, making and decorating a big ice cream cone. 
Mirah’s was of course pink, and she was loving using glue to make it beautiful. 

The second station was using colored sweet and condenced milk to try and achieve the colors that Wayne Thiebaud did. 

Station three:
The gum ball machine station. 
All of her projects in their finished state. 

You might be thinking, “Where was Lucas this whole time?”
While we were in the kitchen. he was in my arms. So taking pictures was interesting. 
As soon as we were done and waiting for our projects to dry, we hung out in the front room and the kids played.
Fun with new friends was had by all. 

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