The Yard

The week has been a crazy Utah spring weather week.
So we have been enjoying the outside as it becomes available.

Lucas is doing better not eating everything on the grass which is good. 

Oh, and Lucas is SO cute. 

The garden is popping up!!
My sweet peas are looking amazing! 
My green beans are just starting to peak up. 

Tomatoes springing up. 
I even got my front yard planted. 
Yes, I finally did it. Tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, sweet peas, and even sun flowers. 
One warm evening, Lucas and I were cuddling and I got these sweet shots of this guys amazing teeth! 

Gappy and perfect.

Mirah got a new toy, and has been swinging it around all week. 

We also got a new pool for the summer and maybe Mirah’s birthday party. 

Then we turned the little pool, into a sandbox, which Mirah has LOVED. 
Really loving the yard this year. 

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