Mothers Day 2016

I will start by saying, my wonderful family really spoiled me today. I am feeling really loved. 
I was awoken from a DEAD sleep by this little cutie:

We had church at 9 AM so they had to get going REALLY early this morning. You can see the earliness in Mirah’s sleepy face. 
They also brought me delicious warm cinnamon rolls. So I had a sweet breakfast in bed. 
Mirah got into bed with me. 

They also brought me my mother’s day gifts! 
Along with my flowers, and the balloon Mirah insisted that Karl buy me, She gave me a new cute pot holder. 

And this sweet new butter dish that will match the green glass in my kitchen. 
The always generous ward gave all of the Adult women some delicious truffles. 

Karl also game me the day off, and I took an awesome long nap in the middle of the day. 
I woke up to Karl telling me dinner was ready and the some AMAZING smells wafting up from the kitchen. 
He made this delectable roast. 
These scrumptious mashed potatoes.
This fresh and crispy corn on the cob. 
I think Lucas takes after me and my LOVE of all things potato. 
Oh, did I mention that Karl made the mashed potatoes loaded? 
Yeah, cheese and fresh made bacon. 
Funny note, Mirah remembered what she wore last year, and changed into it after church. 
Last years mothers day:
My baby is getting so big! Last year she was an only child. 
I just want to kiss her!!! 
Mashed Potato Mustache! 
My happy little guy. 
For dessert, a treat picked out by Mirah:
A sponge cake topped with salted caramel ice cream, whipped cream and shaved chocolate. 
Yeah, it was awesome. 
Like I said, today was awesome. 
Karl put the kids to bed on his own, while I blogged and laid in bed. 
After years of not knowing if I would ever be a mom, if I would ever have more than one child, and everything else…today I am just feeling so blessed. Blessed to have my two amazing kids. Blessed to have my sweet, thoughtful, and willing husband. 
Finally, I am so grateful for the mothers in my life. 
Alive and passed. 
But mostly, to my mother Wendy. 
Thank you for being my best friend. Thanks for our daily chats and letting me make you a part of my daily life. When thinking about all you accomplished in your life, and the children you raised. I am just in awe and you inspire me to be better every day. Thank you for all of your love and sacrifice, not just over the years but every day. I love you so much. 
All of us! 

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