Building A Fence!!

From the first time we played in the backyard, I have wanted a fence up on the east side of our yard. We gotta keep those kids fenced in. 
The dream, that I can just send the kids into the backyard and not have to worry about them running out into the street. 
We worked on the fence every day this week. 
Sunday and Monday:
Drew up the plans, and made estimates about materials. Measure the areas we were going to be building. 
Karl, Me, Mirah and Lucas went to Lowes and bought all of the hardware, wood, and cerement.
It was a physical feat. Karl lifted most of it with his strength and hands. I helped too, but not as much as Karl. My strong Karl. 
After Karl did Weblos, he and Adam started the actual build. On the East side of the house there were problems with the foundation getting in the way. On the west side of the house there were TONS of rocks and cables to work around. So at first it was really really frustrating and slow going. 
Thankfully Adam was there to add some muscle to the project. 

Adam did some digging. He also babysat the kids while Karl and I went to the movies.

We were all out in the rain again. It has been raining ALL week.
The kids wanted to be out with Dad and Adam, and so did I so I put them in the stroller to watch. 

By the end of Friday evening, all of the two foot deep holes were dug, the cement was poured and setting and we were all ready to start putting pickets up.
We had doughnuts for breakfast from Provo Bakery. And by 11:00 AM, Karl was busy at work.
He made a 5 foot gate, which will make getting things in and out of the back yard simple. 

He finally finished around 5. The finished product:
West side.
East side. 
We plan on eventually staining and finishing these fences. 
We were inspired by these images:
How’d we do? 
I love it. I am so proud of my sweet husband Karl for making it happen. 

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