Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point

So for years I have wanted to get out to the Thanksgiving point Tulip Festival. 
Finally, with our annual pass in hand, we headed out to check it out! 
Mirah was so excited. Early in the morning I mentioned what I had planned for the day and Mirah was SO excited. She asked and asked if we were going to the Tulip Festival every 5 minutes. When we got into the car, “Mama, are we going to the Tulip Festival now?” When we parked the car, “Are we at the Tulip Festival Mama?” When we were walking into the gardens, “Mama, are we at the Tulip Festival?” When we got here:
“Mama! We are HERE!!!”
She was SO cute and happy in an outfit she picked out and put on herself. 

We were basically able to skip the line, and start seeing those amazing flowers! 

The gardens are huge!
We found this magical palce. 

The kids were getting hungry and I was getting hot, we looked at the waterfalls from a distance, and then left to meet Krystin for lunch. 
I am excited to go again. Check out some more. 

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