Baby Animals with Lucas

While Mirah was at preschool on Thursday Krysta and I went to the Beehive Bazaar together. We have gone at least once a year together ever since we moved to Provo.

After the Bazaar we still wanted to hang out so we walked over the the IFA store that is right next to the Start Up building where they have hosted the Bazaar for the past couple of years.

When we walked in the door we could hear the cheeps from the back so Krysta, Lucas and I knew just where we wanted to go:
TO see some cute little chicks!
This guy fell asleep eating. 

Lucas LOVED them!

I mean LOVED them! 
Then we saw the baby duck! 
I messed up geting the video but he was giggling so much. 
This made me remember this age with Mirah. She LOVED animals so much. 
She would get excited about dogs, and birds. That’s why we were excited to take her to the 

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