Visits to Dad at Work

The kids have been so fun lately, and then there are the days when I just wonder when Karl will finally get home and relieve me from the madness.

On those days, and good days too, it’s nice to have him so close. We will stop by and give him a fun family hug, that usually picks him up, and helps us too.

This set of pictures is from a…not so great day. You can see it in the kids faces. 

Karl’s such a good dad. 
On another note:
Karl keeps giving Lucas sips of his soda, and Lucas LOVES it. 
I disapprove. 


We visit around lunch times once sometimes twice a week. 
On this day we went out to the lawn. 

Ahh spring in Utah. 
There are a few picnic tables 
A perfect place for a picturesque circus baby.  
Lucas is already getting too scared to do it. 
Eventually with lots of encouragement, he will do it for a little while. 

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