Ward Clean Up 2016

We had the best ward.
It was the morning of the annual ward clean up. The one week of the year when everyone in the ward comes out and helps everyone else to get things in the yard all cleaned up and fixed.

It starts with a pancake breakfast at the church and everyone comes out! 

Even us and these little kids. 
At breakfast with the Swans and Campbells. 
Lots of people got walkie talkies. 
Back at our place:
Mountains of tree branches and junk. 
Then the trailers arrived! 

The one downside to this was that it was the weekend that Mom and Dad were in town. 
Mom held Lucas while we worked. 
Mirah watched from inside. 

We had asked about getting our little stump removed, but hadn’t heard anything about it. So we were surprised and pleased when this back hoe showed up 

After a few attempts there was no effect on the beast, the they started to dig up around it. 
Little to no effect. 
It was at this point I went inside. And lots more dirt appeared. 
And the backhoe got up on the driveway.  
More dirt, some loud popping noises.
And the stump was free! 
Big hole…
What seemed like a little stump, turned out to be a big problem
The internet line got cut as did the sprinkler.
But the stump was out.
Thanks to these guys! 

Before we could even call Comcast was was there, fixing the line. 

Brother Sosa from the ward was actually on call, and came out to see what the trouble was. 

We spent the better part of the following week filling in this hole, and fixing the sprinklers.
Still, so glad that it’s gone. 

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