Belle’s Graduation!

Well, it happened, she did it. My baby sister Chelsea graduated from college!

The Commencement was in the Marriot center and it was CRAZY. I parked about a mile away, and even though I had arrived about an hour early the place was already totally packed.
There were THOUSANDS of graduates.

Belle, Kelsey and Camille (Adam’s cousing and Belle’s good friend) were sitting together, can you find them? They are in the middle both looking down in this picture. Well, I know where they are. 

Mom and dad made it into town right as the ceremony started. PHEW! 
Adam and I sat together too, but I can’t seem to find those photos. 
A shot after the ceremony. 

It was a warm spring evening as everyone started to arrive at our house for the weekend. 

SO we took so Front Door pictures of the graduate. 

Krystin had arrived. And Maryn would join us later that night. 
KP. Tooks some pics. 

Left overs from dinner. JCW’s
Next to Adam’s Game. 

Krytin was set with a fancy of binoculars. 

Dad was not feeling well. Poor guy started on a really bad cold as the got to St. George and was totally ill the rest of the trip. So we went home early, and left the gang there. 
EARLY the next morning, we were back at BYU. 

Lucas was grumpy and sleepy. 
The sun hadn’t even come over Y mount yet. 
The graduation was held in the field house. 
Adam’s sweet parents were there. 
As was miss Maryn. 
Lucas and Me, reading his favorite book. 

Grandma, but no Grandpa, he was sick in bed. 
Lucas got passed around lots that day. 
Mirah was occupied by stickers until she wasn’t
Even sweet Karl took the morning off of work. 
Belle in the Program, with her long  hyphenated last name. 
After what seemed like the longest program of all time, it was finally time for the gaduates to stand and get their “diploma’s.” They seemed to be walking up there forever. 
Then she did it! 
She got her diploma! 
I had to get Karl to work, so I gave my camera to Maryn and she took so great shots of Belle and the group. 
Flying like an eagle. An SHS Screaming Eagle, flying away from the Land of the Cougars. 
(For the summer since she is coming back to BYU to do her Masters program in the fall.)


Last little note:
The white sash around Belle’s shoulders is called a gratitude stole.
It is something the graduate wears to graduation, then gives to someone who has helped them through school. In school, or whatever. It is no surprise that Belle chose our lovely mother.

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