Graduation Parties!

After the graduation, there was a day with parties to get to. 
First stop, a lunch at the park with the Litster clan. 

It was windy but the day was beautiful. With two kids and trying to eat it was pretty much impossible to take any more pictures. 
Eventually that evening we had a party at our house with the Litsters and the Rocks. 
We had some more visitors. 
Cam and his boys came and Mirah had a total blast! 
Here they are making fairy dust! 

Dinner was a ton of work, and there was a little fire on the grill, but it was ALL delicious! 
Mom brought 10 pounds of Carne Asada from the valley with her. 
She grill all of it up herself. 
SOOOOO good! 

Janet, Dave, Janet. 

Dad emerged for the first time that day to say good bye to Cam. 

The grad and mom and dad. 
Photo bomb!

Dave, Janet, Janet, Dave
The Janets and Daves. 
And their kids. 
And the group. 

Belle and Lucas. 

This is what Luke looked like when Belle and Adam were living with us. When Belle graduated from college. 

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