Some Home Improvements

So the weather is getting warmer so we are getting busy on some home improvement projects. 
Like we painted the front door!
Once we got the kids in bed that night, we had fun getting started. 
Second coat in the morning. 
Mirah was telling me and Lucas all about it. 
Lucas was not impressed. 
Additionally, my tulips are finally UP!
Aren’t they beautiful??? I absoluletly LOVE thiem. They are just so bright and cheerful! 

My Tulips and the door gave the house just a little springtime face lift! 

We also did some trimming and weed pulling in the yard. Karl trimmed down a bunch of branches from the trees in the back. He also cut down what turned out to be a totally dead tree. It came right out of the ground. Yikes.

We got rid of a few of the dead lilac bushes in the back and sprayed the weed and feed on the dandelions that are already everywhere. I also removed a bunch of grass from the flower beds in the back. And I planted some flowers too. We have flower pots on the back porch as well as in the front yard. We racked a million pine needles, swept the porch, organized the garage and toys, and even hung more lights on the back porch.

Making this place just a little homier. More of our own. 

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