Day in Oxnard

It was still raining on Saturday morning. We could have had breakfast at the ever generous Aunt Kathy’s house, but we made a plan to go to one of the many local fruit stands to get some strawberries and fruit for breakfast.
Yeah, they were all closed! Well just not open yet. 
According to Aunt Kathy, Oxnard is Strawberry County! 
There were huge feilds all over the place and people out there picking fruit every time we passed. 
We went to a local bakery, that reminded me of the Doughnut Palace in the Valley. It is called Spudnuts
Karl had a danish. 
Mirah had a sprinkle doughnut. 

I had a croissant. It was huge and crunchy and delicious.  
We all shared a mango smoothy. 
And this warm amazing apple fritter. I mean SO warm and SO amazing. 

Then we went to the Oxnard Beach Park. 

It wasn’t raining hard, it was just kind of misting all morning. SO when Mirah went down the slide:

But still it was such a great park. 
Soon Grandma and Grandpa arrived. 

Lucas even had some fun. 

It was about at this point that we 
We took the walk down to the beach. 
Lucas and Karl among all the ice plant. 
There was the beach! 

Lucas’s first time in the ocean! 
Did not love it. It was pretty cold. 

Running away from the waves! 

After the beach. We met up with the Reddoch’s and went to the Sea Bee Museum. 
Grandpa Barney was a Sea Bee, or CB, or Construction Brigade. 

I don’t LOVE this statue. But this is the spirit of what they want to do in some ways. 
They are a division of the Navy. 

Jim walked me around and told me all about what Grandpa Barney did in the CB.
So many buttons to push. 
Karl has to touch everything. 
They were some of the first guys into hostile areas. 
A new sea helmet. 
An old time sea helmet. 

Wooden pipes used when there was a shortage of “strategic materials.”

I unintentionally struck this bell really hard and really loudly. 

We spent most of our time in the interactive building area. 
Malia and Karl followed some sweet directions:
Grandma and Grandpa watched the kids. 
Lucas slept. 
Mirah and I built some marble sets. 

After the museum we had a stressful lunch at Toppers. 
Good pizza. 
Crazy child. CRAZY CRAZY CHILD. 
She fell and hit her head while at the playing at the park and had a few marks on her head…she looked nuts. She was acting NUTS! Like I tried to feed her and she bit my finger. 
This is a hat. That belonged to grandpa Neal, that he was wearing in this picture. 

After lunch we went back to the fruit stand. 
Yep, and we got some strawberries! 
And oranges. 

The most delicious strawberries!!! 
All RED, no white. 
Mirah with her dyed red hands. 

Eating tomatoes. 
We drove all the way through…got home around 3:00 AM. 
Sigh, glad to be home. Sad to be SO tired. 

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