Grandpa Neal’s Funeral

We got to Oxnard at around 10:00 PM.
And the kids were SUPER happy to go right to sleep.

Friday was funeral day. I am not sure if I have mentioned this on the blog yet, but Karl’s Grandpa Delford Rolland Neal, died last Saturday night. He had been sick for years. He had Parkinson’s and was in a ton of pain. Even so, it was really sad.
We were up early had breakfast and were ready for the 11:00 AM viewing.

Around 10:00 AM however, Lucas was having a serious freak out, and  then went down for a serious freak out. 

While that was happening the Reddoch family arrived! 
And with them two sweet little twins! 
Two cute grandma’s were so happy to feed and snuggle with these sweet little ladies. 

We ended up at the funeral home in waves. It was held here:
but we all ended up in the reception room with the kids coloring. 
What a bunch of cuties! 

We met some family I had never seen before. 

Funerals are interesting events. Most of what  we feel is sadness and loss. But since I have gone to so many recently, I find that there is also so much learning. I got to see a bunch of cool pictures of Jim’s family and father. 
Grandpa Delford Rolland Neal and Regina Bell Blackburn Neal
Young Regina and her three boys
Jim is the oldest boy. The middle boy on her lap is Alan. Then Marshall is the baby. 
Another cute one of Grandma and Grandpa. 

Anyway back to the Funeral 
Lynnlle conducted the meeting. 
Mirah had a total freak out as the funeral began, and she had to leave the room. 

Malia sang Morning Has Broken.

Betsy spoke about the meaning of life. 

Karl talked about the importance of family. 
Jim gave the Eulogy 
The little kids sang
Then these three sang “Love at Home”

Then they had an “Open Mic” section. 
Aunt Kathy came up. 
Then Marshall’s ex girlfriend whose name slips my mind. 
Then the funeral was over. 
So we took some family photos.
Steve, Marshall, and Jim (Tony)

Steve’s family:

Marshal’s Family:

Jim’s Family

Everyone who was there. 

It was raining as we came out of the funeral, Jim said that it was the hardest thing to arrange. 

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