The Clark County Fair!

So after a crazy week we finally hit the road on Wednesday night around 6:00 PM.
We rolled into Moapa NV at 10:00 local time. We were lucky to have a place to stay at Krysta’s parent’s house. We had a big room all set up for us with a crib, a queen bed and a bed on the floor for Mirah. We crashed in a room together.
Early the next morning we were up. The day dawned warm and beautiful! 
Krysta was in town already. Her sister Lara and her four kids were there too. They were up playing before Karl was even out of bed. 
Dalan and one for the dogs. 
I came out to see them are they were all heading in. 
The played on the swings, and there was a duck area, and chickens and Mirah was in heaven. 
Krysta made pancakes for the group and while I was in the kitchen I saw this amazing picture of Krysta’s dad on the fridge. I LOVE IT!!!
The kids got up so early, that we had plenty of time to play a bunch more on the balcony. 
My best buddy. 
After a little finagling with tickets and waiting in some lines…
We were in! 
We finally got into the fair and were greeted by this singing man. 
Mirah loved it. She loved to shake it, and dance and sing with him. 
She tried all of the different instruments and even tried to strap on that little bongo as we were trying to leave. She got tangled up in the strap but was happily tapping it with both hands. It was as though I wasn’t there as I worked to get here unstrapped. I finally got her out and took her hand to lead her away. We were two feet away and she let go of my hand rand back to the bongo and gave it two more taps and with a huge smile on her face came running back to me. 
Our first big stop was at the pig races! 
Karen, Riley, Mirah and Mila. 
Me and my sweetheart. 
My boys. 
We bought a couple of piggy noses and Mirah was in heaven! 
Lucas…was not into it. 
Cutely. I know I am a terrible mom that tortured her son for a picture. But it was SO cute. 
Piggy babies. 
It was hot while we waited for the show to start. 
The fun was wearing off. 
Finally the show was starting! 
And they were off! 

Karen was the lead cheerleader for our section and we won! She got some oreos and a piggy nose.
Before the last race, was the little piggies swim. 

After the races were over, Karl and Mirah went to the learning to fish area. 

Lucas was much better now that he was in the shade. 
Karen and Riley both caught fish. 

Karl and Mirah both got theirs too! 
We were helped to get it out and give it a pet. 
The girls all caught a fish, got a bracelet for their success! 

Next was the JUMP dog show! 

The kids watching the show. 

The three legged dog named Nub. 
Krysta’s reaction to the cute little dog. 
It was about at this point in the day where Mirah had had too much fun. 
Too much fair. 

We left the group. We went to the small animal pavilion. 
Mirah was in LOVE with this baby goat. 

She could have stayed there forever. 

Then we found the baby piglets. 

Then what we had all been waiting for:
The butter carving contest! 
Karl was really excited. 
They clearly stated that there was no age limit. 
Still Karl was about 20 years older than the next oldest contestant. 
Yes, Mirah was one of his competitors. 
Lucas wanted to go back and see the chickens. 
The carvers went on. 

Mirah putting the finishing touches on her entry:
A delicious “butter river.”
Karl’s finished product:
“A Butter Fly”

Karl got his blue ribbon! 
Mirah got her participants ribbon! 
We were so proud of our butter carving champion. 
He was really proud of himself too. 
He wore his ribbon on his chest the rest of the day at the fair. 

We got some celebratory fair food! 

We for a brick of curly fries! 
And a corn dog. 

We tried some deep fried alligator. (It tasted JUST like chicken BTW). We got a big lemonade and Karl got a slice of pizza.
It was INSANELY hot and humid that day. Mirah shared her sweaty palms with Karl’s face.  
He loved it. 
We decided to get on the road. 
We got the kids full and fed and changed and took a few pictures as we headed out. 

Even though we left before 2, everyone was totally tuckered out. 

Fun times at the fair! 

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