Grandpa Barney’s 90th Birthday Party!!!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Barney!! 
Still as silly and cute and funny as ever. 
The party was a lovely occasion. Aunt Shirlene knows how to throw a party!
From far and wide friends and family came to see and honor this wonderful man we all love. 
Aunt Shirlene served cheese cake and fruit. Lots of kinds of cheese cake and fruit. 
Cheese cake is Grandpa’s favorite. 
Did I mention the fruit? 
Grandma’s in their element.
Mama’s with their babies. 
Four generations of Mama’s and babies! 

Mirah was getting a little board in her party dress. 
So she and her cousin Andy went out and made their own party in the back! 
Also making his own fun, Dustin. 
Being super cute and sweet outside were Karl and Lucas. 
Doing circus baby. 
Sean Merril, Darilyn’s husband and Brent Matthews Aunt Kathy’s 7th son. 
Brent is a Lawyer that lives in Clinton Ut. His wife and 5 kids were not there, because his wife was about to give birth to their 6th baby. 

An even better shot of Darilyn .
And Sean and Dustin. 

And Aunt Shirlene. 

Andrew Barney Uncle Bill’s Youngest son. With his wife Jen and their daughter Olivia. 
One with me! And Chelsea Hicken Moore too. 
The Man in the middle:
Scott Matthews, Aunt Kathy’s 4th son. He lives in Texas with his wife and six kids. He was in town for work and was able to coordinate his trip with the party. 
Here come the family shots:
Uncle Larry, Uncle David, Uncle Bill. 
Aunt Kathy, Lynelle, and Aunt Shirlene. 

The original “greedy singles.”

Grandma, Aunt Shirlene, Uncle Bill. 
The O Pat Barney and Betty Straford Barney Family:
Bill, David, Kathy, Mom & Dad, Larry, Lynelle and Shirlene. 

A group of adults that I mostly don’t know. 

Darilyn and her dad Uncle David. 
And his famous sad face. 
Aunt Deedee and her oldest son Doug talking to the Matthews boys. 
Cousins with grandpa! 

Dustin, Chelsea, and their almost sister Megan and her husband. 
Grandpa Barney and his last living brother Alan.
Uncle Alan and his wife Aunt Marilyn. 
Uncle Alan and his daughters. 

Brent and Bill.

Best always to end with babies.

Love you Grandpa Barney. 90 years young. 

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