Pre Party Party

The day started off bright and early. 
Chelsea Hicken Moore had arrived the night before with THREE kids in tow. 
5 year old Andy, 2 year old Ezra, and 11 month old Sage. 
Mirah and Lucas were in kid friend heaven! 
Andy was such a cutie, he and Mirah had a ton of fun together. 
Sage. Sweet little Sage. 

Sage and Lucas crawled all over each other. 
They liked to play side by side. 

There was lots of Legos, and cars, and fun. 

After a leisurely morning, we decided to take a little trip out to Gossner’s Dairy.  
We got to see some HUGE blocks of cheese get packaged. 
Mirah posing with some bears. She was actually really scared of them. 

We also bought a bunch of boxed milk. 

Lucas. My buddy baby love bug LUCAS! 

Mirah was so excited for her box of chocolate milk. 

We went over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and they were all having a great time together. 
Melanie face timed with us while we were there and she looked so cute as a mama! 
Karl with the man of the hour. 
The kids were all really excited to jump on Uncle Larry. 

When the kids left, Uncle Larry mentioned that they didn’t even hold back. They really wailed on him. 

We took a quick trip to the DI of Logan.  There were some pretty great finds there. 
Including some sweet heals for lady Mirah. 
She LOVED them. 

My Mirah. My perfect, bold, sweet, silly, smart MIRAH! 

Back at the house we did some more playing. 
Lukey and Sage were having a blast. 
Chelsea and Sage were talking, and Lucas busted in. 
I think her really liked her. 

Meanwhile outside:
The rest of the gang was outside getting 90 baloons out (It was only 72 after all)
The kids did it in dress up. Karl just did it in his “cute self” clothes. 
The party was going to start. But the gang was HUNGRY!
Everyone headed over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Lucas was getting a little sleepy, BUT still so cute and happy to be with his Grandma. 
We had a ton of pizza and some salad. 
Uncle Bill. 
Darilyn and her husband Sean arrived as we were finishing up. 
She may have unintentionally
 dropped Lucas… 😉
On to the party!

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