Getting to Logan

With a great deal of excitement we took the two hour trip to Logan Utah.  
Grandpa Barney was going to be turning 90!!
We got to grandpa’s house they were looking at photo albums. 
The picture above was when Grandpa joined the navy in WWII. 
One of Grandma Barney on her wedding day. 

The Barney Family
Top: Dave, Kathy, Bill, Larry
Botton: Lynnelle, Grandma, Grandpa, Shirlene 

Lucas had a good time looking around. 

He was loving Grandma Barney! 

It was getting late and so we went over to Shirlene’s house where we were staying. 
Uncle Bill and Uncle Larry were there. 
Mirah learned the Larry game:
Step one: Lay on the ground
Step two: Be still and quiet. 
That is all. 
To bed we went. The accommodations were great. The kids were not. 
Not a great night’s sleep.

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