It was a bright and sunny afternoon.
Adam sweetly got our name on a list to get into his La Crosse game for free!
Karl and Lucas did some snuggling. 
As did Mirah and I. 
The weather was just about perfect. 
Sunny and warm, with a cool wind. 
The stands were facing the sun. So big hats for all were necessary. 

We sat with Belle and Adam’s cousin Camille. 
Lucas wasn’t sure about her. 

Gwenna and Micheal were there too. 
At half time there was a kids activity. I just loved this girls shirt. 
But, just look at that sky! It was just such a lovely day. 
The end score:
BYU 16 NJS 9
A fun side note. 
Doug Fabesio was there! 
His son, maybe, plays on the team. He was sitting right in front of us!
Once the game was over we ran across the field and congratulated Adam on the win. 
Lucas and Dad. 

Another fun one. 



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