Bright and early this morning was the second annual Provo City Sciencepaloosa. 
Mirah was really excited to get there. 
We learned a ton!
First, we stopped by to learn about eating well.
Mirah made a pledge:
Then we learned about what a balanced plate looks like. 
Then, Karl jumped on a bike to blend up some smoothies! 

Nitsy and the kids were there too. 
Look at these little ladies! 
Our next stop:
The Giant Cloloring Book! 

With gigantic markers! 

Next to a kids drum circle! 

Lucas was a little interested, not sure amused. 
Color explosion! 

We learned about Tesla
And Neon lights. 

And the idea of electro magnetic energy. 
We made a quick stop at the Slow Mo Show. 
The kids were board at it, so we took a selfie and took off. 

We learned about ancient life 
There was a cave that taught about fossils and sediment layers. 

Mirah digging for fossils. 
Making  imprints with shells. 

Next, more hands on:
A disappearing magic wand. 

Vinegar rockets! 
Magnetic sediment. 

Reverberating sounds. 
We dissected a worm and then looked at its gut full of littler worms. 
Lucas played with his new back scratcher, happily. 
Mirah excavted m&ms out of her cookie for the museum of ancient life. 
Then Karl and Mirah learned about architecture.
They used pasta and gummies to build.
Karl’s build.
Mirah took it pretty seriously. 
Her build. 

Karl really wanted to test it out. 
You see they tested the strength with weights. 
Karl’s held up pretty well. 
Little lady learning too. 
Last stop. petting a dead animal. 
Such a fun event! 
I didn’t even get pictures of so much, like when I held a gigantic cockroach. and when we went “bird watching” and learned how to make a bird feeder, or all the cool robotic stuff.

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