Carving Pumpkins, Wings, and Monster Crispies

It was Halloween time, and we were making new traditions with out lovely family by choice the Whitmores. After school the Krysta and Karen came over, and we made a whole afternoon of it.

We spent the afternoon making rice crispy treats with monster faces. It was a cool little kit, with molds, and icing to decorate faces.

There were enough for the kids to each make two. Lucas and I made a mummy and a Frankenstein’s monster.

Perfect baby boy.

Karen made a Bride of Frankenstein and a Dracula.

Mirah made a Bride of Frankenstein too, plus a Dracula too.

Grandma Pippy sent us these sweet plates.  Look at these cuties.

Karl arrived home, and we wanted to get ready to carve pumpkins. Zac was going to come and have dinner later, so we gutted the pumpkins.

This was mine, it had a spot on it! I was going to cute an eye out of the spot.

We got busy.

Karen took a picture of us grownups doing the messy work.

For Dinner, Krysta had made chicken wings.

They were seriously so good! She used Chef John’s recipe and the official Hot One’s sauce:

It was seriously SO good. I’m literally sitting here while I write this begging Karl to let me buy some. It is a tiny little bottle, and it costs $12 a bottle. To get a couple of bottles plus shipping it’s $30!!!

It was really sweet of them to share it with us. Zac arrived and had dinner with us.

After a delicious dinner we carved our gutted pumpkins.

Me and my creation.  We look alike!

Lucas and his pumpkin.

Mirah asked he dad to help her make a pumpkin that looked like the one that she made in preschool last year. Mission accomplished:

The Whitmore’s weren’t as nuts as us. They only carved one pumpkin. Not one pumpkin per person in their family.

Our family pumpkins.

All of our pumpkins.

After dinner we ate our rice crispy treats.

Oh and I got some delicious supermarket cupcakes. 

Oh Mirah.

The kids played out front with the light sabers and we tried to say goodbye.

We got the kids in their fun Halloween PJ’s. It was Halloween Eve after all.

Trying to get them to look at me, or the camera, or stand next to each other was quite the feet.

My little skeletons.

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