St. Patties!

Goof morning and Happy St. Patties! 
We didn’t catch any Leprechauns, but he left us a little something in out trap.  

There was a map on the back. 
We puzzled it out. 
A treat!!

Photo shoot!

We were all dressed and ready to go, so we made our traditional breakfast. 

We went to a really fun story time all about St. Patrick’s day and we even got more coins. 

Mirah went to preschool and had so much fun. 

She came home singing this song. 
I got started on dinner. 
With some green lemonade. 

Soon our guests arrived. 

The table was set. 

We had all the usual delicious fixins. 
Betsy brought her pot of gold mac and cheese. 
My amazing plate. 
Green salad and asparagus. 
Green garlic bread. 
Corned beef. 
We had mint and chip ice cream with Oreos for dessert. 

Fun day!
(After everyone went home, Karl and I even were able to go on a date. We saw 10 Cloverfield Lane)

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