The Day Before St. Patties

So the day before St. Patrick’s day we were gearing up to celebrate. We got dressed up in some green and had some fun festive cereal. 
Lucas…chewing on his spoon. 
He has two teeth now, and  one of his top teeth is just about to burst through the gums. 
He is eating SO much these days. 4 containers of baby food. 24+ ounces of formula a day. 
And, he is totally officially crawling. 

We got lots done. We did the laundry:

We cleaned the house.

I even had time to get a pedicure. 

After Weblos and dinner Karl and MIrah had a blast setting up some traps to catch leprechauns. 

A little ladder…with a coin at the bottom. 
A beautiful note for Mirah. 

Night night….

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