Goings On

Things have been quiet and busy and normal. So really for the couple of weeks it has been pretty quiet with school etc.

Mirah and I did  a school assignment together. The assignment was to “hide” Mr. Turkey in plain sight. She wanted to dress him as a Troll. Specifically dress him as Poppy. We discussed several different ideas but this was the only one she got excited about.

We found a picture of Poppy online.  And with some careful choices and coaching by Mirah, I made all the pieces, and she colored and glued.


She wrote on the back, “I’m not a turkey. I’m a Troll, Poppy!”


I finally got my eyebrows done! I found a place in my neighborhood that his CHEAP and QUICK and CLOSE.


We went shopping for Mirah’s Christmas dress, and accidentally found anew amazing cute dress.

We did a double date with Krysta and Zac! WE saw Murder on the Orient Express. I loved it. Krysta LOVES Kenneth Branagh. It was a really fun one.

After dinner we went to Terra Mia. Karl and I love that place. Krysta and Zac didn’t.

We have continued to have babysitting swap with Devanie. We walked to dropped Mirah off at school together.

One thing that is my favorite/ LEAST favorite thing about being a mom is meal time with kids. It is SO much waiting a guessing, and bargaining, and wasting food. It is a always frustrating, always time consuming, BUT, it is pretty wonderful to have face time with these little cuties.


We are planing an international trip with the kids and so I broke down and got them their passports. So here are there passport photos.


Lucas’s capacity to make messes in my home has increased exponentially. Check out this one made with just left over movie popcorn and his high chair:

I just had to poop.

Speaking of Lucas. He LOVES cookies. He loves Chocolate.

He also loves bath time, almost as much as I love how cute he is in his fox towel.

Our black turtle necks arrived today!

Yep, we are going black turtle neck for our Christmas Card.

Like these guys.


AND my stye is back. So no make up for me for a while.

BUT, life is GOOD!!!

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