Riverwoods Lighting

It is officially the holidays! It is the night of the lighting of the Riverwoods. We were all there with bells on! 


We love going out to eat obviously. So any chance to eat out, while going out, we do it. SO when the day of the lighting of the Riverwoods came, we were excited to go out to Malwais The kids got cheesey butter noodles.

FYI and adult portion feeds more than two kids.

I got the chicken pesto pizza and the balsamic steak salad. YUM.

After dinner we went out and joined the throngs of people watching a man do an ice sculpture.

It was dark and very back lit, but the kids were really into it. I promise.


The final Product.

Another ice sculpture:

Seriously so cool.

We ran over to the main pavilion just in time to see Santa driving up on a motorcycle.

Santa himself turned on the lights, and they were accompanied by fireworks which the kids loved this year.

One of Santa’s helpers gave Mirah some sweet jingle bells that she LOVED.

We walked around and enjoyed the lights. The kids really loved this bright tree of glowing orbs.

We of course made a stop at Blinkenstaff’s.


Mirah’s face says it all, it was a pretty magical night.



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