Mirah’s Class Feast

So a week before Thanksgiving break Mirah’s class had a thanksgiving feast. AND although the history of it all is complicated and white washed, we traditionally take time to feast and celebrate and give gratitude for our blessings.

They invited the kids to dress up for the meal. And since I am only now learning about cultural appropriation I felt weird having her dress up as anything but a pilgrim.

A very cute little pilgrim. She chose the dress. She thought, “it looked pilgrimy”

Lucas was jealous of her hat and so insisted on wearing his helmet in the car on the way to school.


At the end of the day, Mirah’s class came to the cafeteria. I dropped Lucas off at a friends house. They invited parents to come and join the feast if they could. So I did!


Here they come!

I brought a bonnet for me too. So we could match.

Mirah and her buddy Mimi.

Mirah and Mrs. Sumsion.

Mirah, Thea, and James with Oswaldo in the background.

We lined up to check in.

Then got our milks.

Then got our pizza!!

Almost as soon as it was starting it was over… 🙁

Mirah’s cute class!

Mirah and one of her best buddies Flynn. She has adventures with him at recess on the daily.

And of course, our girl Mani.

On our way back to class, I found the board of turkeys!!! Can you spot Mirah’s?

Thanksgiving here we come!

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