Barney Annual Christmas Party

A new annual tradition: The Barney Family Christmas Party!

We got excited and drove up first thing. We made a stop at the Dairy, then went to lunch at a new Cajun place in North Logan.  It is called Maymoes, and it is in a gas station. I didn’t expect much, but it was incredible. We will go again next time we are in town.

OH my gosh. I love this face, this girl I just LOVE her!!! What a beauty.

Then there is this handsome baby boy.

I got a Poboy and the kids had amazing mac n cheese. It was all so good.

Our first stop was of course Grandma and Grandpa Barney. The kids pulled out all of their favorite toys. Lucas the pull doggie he loves and all of the cars and garage from the 1960’s.  And Mirah played with Lynelle’s old barbies and all the clothing that Grandma Barney stayed up late nights making. Grandma and Grandpa were getting tired, so we said see you later.

We got to the Hickens home.  And wonderful Aunt Shirlene had the whole set up. She had cookie making station, and the kids were stoked!

Grandma Barney was excited to sit and help with the kids.

Grandpa Barney is so in love with her. He walked by and whispered to me, “she is just so good with these little kids. She has always been so good with little children. She loves them so much.”

Sean was excited in his Christmas sweater to join in.

While we were finishing up with the cookies there was a knock on the door:


Mirah was STOKED. I love the magic of Christmas.

Santa had a sack full of gifts and was ready to start a party!

First one up Asher. Cutie.

Watching the kids jump up, and giggle made all the grown ups laugh and smile. It was wonderful.

Lucas was still asleep when Santa arrived, but we woke him up because it was getting late, and we didn’t want him to miss out.  BUT we were dealing with some sleepy grumpiness.


Mirah had her turn. LOOK at the face. She was so excited.

Santa could sense her excitement, and let her wear his hat. She was STOKED.

Mirah told Santa she wanted My Little Pony’s for Christmas.

He said that seemed really reasonable.

He gave her a gift of a sweet Lego set.

More kids went, and Lucas was waking up.

Karl had his turn.

He got a nerf gun!

More adults took thier turns, like Daralynn.

And Nick.

Who shook Santa’s hand.

Uncle Greg.


Grandpa had his turn. 

Grandma had her turn too. She and Santa held hands.


Then Lukey was awake enough to say high.

He still needed me to come and hold him. He didn’t want to sit with Santa at this point.

He got Legos too and was so cute and happy.

I was last! I got my turn with Santa too.

I got a soft comfy blanket!

Then is was time for a picture with the kids, which of course:

Our family.

The attending Hickens.


Judah got excited about Santa’s hand carved stick.

We said goodbye to Santa. And made ornaments.

A Christmas craft. Mirah was in heaven.

Lucas was sleepy.

We turned on a movie downstairs, got out a million toys, and started a white elephant gift exchange with the grown ups.

Everyone got something funny.

This was my offering.

This was Karl’s:

Oh my goodness.


A pretty great haul.


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