For the second year in a row we went out to thanksgiving point to enjoy Luminaria! There are lights covering everything on your way into the entrance.

We all got bundled up.

Our first stop was poinsettia place.

This year they had some radical ginger bread houses.

Check out the trisects.

Off to candy cane lane!

Then the Golden Gazebo!


There was just quiet awe everywhere we went.

Beautiful flowers. The pictures really don’t do it justice.

My wonderful little family.

Under the Christmas tree of lights!

Light saber gardens!


Blue light river!


We got to meet some real live reindeer. 

There is a huge LDS base in Utah county, so there was a cool Nativity.

And a beautiful light garden at the Light of the World Garden. 

Then we went through a light tunnel by the Secret Garden. 

We stopped to get some hot coco. Mirah couldn’t wait.

A farewell to Frosty and a goodbye.

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