Ice Castles

Tuesday night we went out to the Midway Ice Castles.
We drove out when Karl got off of work.
It had snowed a couple of days before and the canyon was still just stunning. 

The back of Timp, during sun set. 
We got there right a 6 for our appointment. 

We were all bundled are ready to go. This was our first visit at night. It was FREEZING. The temperature was in the teens, thankfully the kids were troopers. 
The buttons they gave us:
The boys said, “Ice Castle Prince”
The girls said, “Ice Castle Princess” 
As we entered there was an Ice water fountain. 

Truly stunning. 
The pictures don’t do it justice. 

The kids were ready for bed when we got home, so Karl and I spent the rest of the night playing old Nintendo games on the emulator he hooked up in the basement. 
NBA Jams!

Mario Kart SNES
Yeah that’s me on the podium! 

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