Valentines Day Decor and Stuff

Valentines Day is in a couple of weeks and so we have done a little decorating to make the house feel festive. 
Mirah and I put this little gooey thing in the kitchen window. 
I drew a new note on the chalk board. 
We even hung a banner up in the kitchen. 
We are also starting to make out Valentines. Yes, I know what you are thinking, “isn’t valentines day like over two weeks away?” You would be correct, but with family out of town, friends in town, teachers at school, all the kids at school and in Sunbeams…we just couldn’t cute anyone off of our list. Too many people to love, not a bad problem to have. 🙂
So we started what Karl calls the Valentines sweat shop. 
Every day for the past week we have spent a little time making valentines. 
Mirah dictates the notes, and I write what she says, and she adds the flare. 
This one was for dad. She was TOTALLY alone on this one. 
Lucas started to get fussy so I went upstairs to feed him. 
When I left it looked like this:
When I got back:
I am embracing the mess, and the love. 
We love you guys. 

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