Drawing with Mirah at Church

So much of what I put on my blog are events and things going on but our lives are so much more than those big moments and most of what we do isn’t here. I have been thinking about that a lot lately and while at church on Sunday, something we do every week, I was looking at the sketch book we give to Mirah in sacrament meeting and was laughing and smiling at everything there. 
I thought it would be funny to share some of the things I found. 
Mirah loves to dictate to us. She is a bit bossy, in the cutest way possible. So every week we sit and she tells us to draw things for her. 
Like, our house: 
(these four are by me)
Santa at our house. 
A picture of her in her cowboy dress at church
Another picture of her. 
She also asks Karl to draw for her:
She loves to have him draw food, and they she pretends to eat it. 
She is in a major fort building phase right now. So there was no surprise that she asked her dad to draw her a fort at church. 
She loves pictures of herself and dad doing things together. 
Like baking bread. 
It is church, so Karl has attempted a few times to explain the gospel to her…with some limited success: 
Mirah loves to draw too. Her firgures are getting pretty good. Like this one of
“the mushroom guy from Mario.”

This one of me:
“You mom, you are in science clothes. You have a coat.”

Another of me:
Hand tracing turkey with nipples. 

Love her. Love to be her mom. Love to see the smart loving person she is becoming. 

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